Janey Lee Grace - 2016 Janey Loves AwardsMy book, The Financial Healer, has been entered into the prestigious "Janey Loves" Annual PLATINUM Awards.

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Welcome to Mark Bristow Coaching

Mark BristowI am passionate about the innovative solutions I use including EFT, NLP and Matrix Reimprinting, specialising in one to one mentoring, group coaching, counselling and consulting.


I have developed a portfolio of courses and coaching programmes that cover:

  • How to remove the mental barriers preventing you from achieving your potential
  • The secrets of the super-successful that set them apart from the rest
  • How to overcome debilitating physical conditions

I work with the self-beliefs that have caused the financial problems in the first place.

And I use gentle techniques to quickly change limiting financial viewpoints that may have been operating for decades.


It is this combination of deep understanding of personal change and the mechanisms of the financial world that I believe make my work unique.


I Work On The Inner and Outer Worlds


I help people to help themselves; I help those who wish to overcome their negative thoughts and beliefs that are currently stopping them from being successful. In this way I enable people to live their lives as who they really are.


Many of my clients are frustrated individuals caught in the ‘There’s Something Missing’ conundrum.

I often describe this as you feeling that you should be more successful but you don’t quite understand why.


Using transformational techniques which connect you with your subconscious, we identify and eliminate your negative beliefs and emotional blocks, leaving the past behind and creating a positive future.

What Mark’s clients say…

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Thank you very much for the great resources. For me personally the ECHO checklist is really helpful!

Eva Gerigk June 4, 2016

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One of the reasons I am so enthusiastic about the work that I do is that I have seen first hand how it can change people’s lives in just a few sessions. My ultimate aim is to get the techniques out to as wide an audience as possible.

One of the

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