“I have worked with Mark for many years, I have no hesitation in saying that his help and input have been invaluable. He is empathetic and insightful, and my success would not have been achieved without his help and guidance.”

John Morrison, Principal of John Morrison Wealth Management

“By using the NLP and Matrix Reimprinting techniques that Mark has taught me , I have become a stronger and more self-assured person both physically and emotionally.

Under his guidance, I have broken down mental barriers and re-defined past memories that I now realise were preventing me from achieving my goals. I am now taking my life forward in a positive and confident way and though at first sceptical about carrying out the exercises at all, I practice them daily with astounding results.

Mark has taken me on an amazing journey of self realization and improvement which I would recommend to anyone wishing to transform their life for the better.”

Anne Mellor

“Just wanted to say that I love your latest tips. Keep up the good work.”

Debbie Staveley

“Thank you very much for the great resources. For me personally the ECHO checklist is really helpful!”

Eva Gerigk

“I was completely inspired by your presentation and am extremely grateful for the bounty of info you've shared.”

Erika Broadnock

“You have been very helpful to me and I am happy that I could reach my goal.”

Armita Sani

“I find the tips really useful, once a week at least it makes me stop and think.”

Pauline White

“I was successful in passing my nurse, or non-medical independent prescribing and am finding it really useful at work. Thank you for your help, the NLP really helped me in managing my study load.”

Cynthia Mellish

“I found your talk at the Supervision day very informative and useful.”

Elizabeth Scanlon

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While EFT and Matrix Reimprinting have produced remarkable clinical results, these must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus whomever chooses to incorporate these tools must take full and complete responsibility for their use of them.

This material or instructions on this website, or verbal suggestions given by Mark Bristow, are not intended to replace or substitute any recommendations of any medical professionals or health-care providers. Rather, they are intended to offer information to help the user glean a more positive result, in addition to their advice, as a mutual quest for optimum improvement of quality of life and well-being.

Mark is not a licenced health professional and offers EFT, NLP and Matrix Reimprinting as strictly educational information only.